Re: Low cost community housing group
From: Tom Hammer (
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 08:09:17 -0800 (PST)
I am amazed that it is not obvious why the statement below is offensive. It can be reworded: "people who can afford to buy lower cost homes are more likely to be dysfunctional." If that is not classism and dysfunctionality, I don't know what is. It is in the same category as "<insert ethnic group or sexual preference or disability> are more likely to be stupid <or substitute other negative adjectives>." Any stereotyping statement that attempts to keep out of cohousing communities people of a certain class or group will leave cohousers open to the frequent criticism that we tend to be white, college-educated, relatively wealthy, non-diverse, and elitist, and we will never successfully attract more diversity if we don't actively discourage such attitudes and actively recruit diverse folks.

Personally, I yearn for more diverse communities of all types across our country, such as the one I currently live in, but specifically in cohousing. I daily am thankful for the rich diversity in my small town of 8000 people that is 35% Hispanic, about 25% "working class" and 10% "poor" and 10% African American. There is an uplifting positive spirit here of cooperation, mutual respect and neighborliness, and I am enriched by the differences among the people around me. I would never want to live in a community filled with people who think that those of lower incomes are more dysfunctional than those with more material wealth.

Tom Hammer
Kennett Square, PA

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On 1/22/10 9:54 AM, Chili Head wrote:
I actually cannot believe someone would write this (not Marganne, but
someone else):  "these can attract people who are highly dysfunctional
and thus the community can end up spending inordinate amounts of
energy dealing with social pathology, something cohousing, with its
economic barriers is largely free from ..."

Gotta say, even if we HAD money, I wouldn't want to be part of a
community that embraces such opinions.  If that's the true nature of
the majority of this list, I'm likely outta here.

I'm not clear what is odious about the quote above.  Perhaps if it had
ended with, "...and that's why I feel the current model is good."

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