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From: Diana E Carroll (
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 06:02:26 -0800 (PST)

On 1/23/2010 10:56 PM, Sharon Villines wrote:
   From your website, it appears that you have been moved in about a
year? That's still the honeymoon. Check back in 5 years.

We aren't the first 40b cohousing. If you are so curious perhaps you should contact Island Cohousing on Martha's Vineyard, as we did, to see how it is going for them.

How long do these calculations work? What happens if your condo fee
doubles? If so what happens if the person's income doubles and their
condo fee still has to be under a certain limit?

The calculations have been done. They don't change. The ratio between the unit's condo fees is fixed by the "schedule of beneficial interest" attached to our deed filed now and forever more at the Registry of Deeds. We can raise or lower our condo fees, and doing so will raise or lower everyone's fees proportionate to their unit's "beneficial interest". Our recent 15% increase raised the fees of those who had been paying $100 a month to $115, and those who had been paying $400 a month to $460.

i think you will find that your condo fees will need to be much
higher. Mine was at that rate when I moved in but is now over $300.

How do you know what our condo fees are? You haven't asked me to look at our budget, though I offered to share it with you. I'm guessing you didn't even look at our site or you would know that the condo fees range from $92 to $418 per month.

(I did give you the range for our cohousing dues. But as I explained, those are self selected on a sliding scale and cover only a small portion of our community's expenses. The bulk are covered by condo fees.)

It's a little presumptuous to imagine that you know what will happen to our budget when you don't know the first thing about our budget. Where are you coming up with these bizarre announcements about other communities' financial situations without any data?!? That's rather rude.

See above. I just want to establish some figures for a basis of

Comparison of what to what? We offer what we offer and would be delighted if 1) people wanted to buy our remaining units and 2) other communities elsewhere were also able to offer affordable options to low-income folks. Since whatever your goals are, they seem to be neither 1) nor 2), and since you rather rudely pronounced judgment on the adequacy of our budget without having even seen it, this is my last note on the subject.

- Diana
Trustee and Treasurer for Mosaic Commons

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