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From: Bonnie Fergusson (
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 11:06:54 -0800 (PST)
      Ah yes, dessert.  Now there's a topic worth a whole thread of it's own.  
In our community we always have some sort of dessert with common dinner.  Once 
or twice the cooks tried to present a dinner without dessert and it almost 
cause a food riot.  There is some tension between the health conscious or 
dieting folk who would prefer we have only fresh fruit for dessert and the rest 
of us who like baked goods and ice cream.  One problem which has emerged is 
that there are a number of us who manage our carb cravings by not being around 
the substances we are trying to avoid, not buying them or bringing them home; 
but we don't have the self discipline to not eat them when they are presented 
in all their tantalizingly delicious glory as dessert at common meal.  Others 
just don't eat what they shouldn't and don't see the problem.  Others have a 
strong committment to the health values of fresh fruit.  The debate continues.  
So far we have no specific policies
 about dessert but there is a lot of discussion about it.
                  Bonnie Fergusson
                  Swan's Market Cohousing
                  Oakland CA

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> > We decided to create a separate position as dessert
> chef.  This  
> > relieves
> > pressure on the dinner chef, gives someone who likes
> to make dessert a
> > chance to shine or brings someone who can't fit into
> the cooking  
> > schedule a
> > chance to contribute.
> >
> > Barbara Michelson on behalf of the Common House Team
> This should get the best idea in cohousing meals of the
> decade award.  
> My granddaughters just discovered Cake Boss so they would
> really be up  
> for this.
> I don't participate in CH meals usually but one cook always
> makes my  
> favorite food so I go. But the same cook's dessert is
> always Vanilla  
> Wafers and orange slices.
> Sharon
> ----
> Sharon Villines
> Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC
> Cake Boss is a reality show featuring Carlo's Bakery in
> Hoboken NJ. We  
> have a member who grew up in Hoboken and has brought us
> pastries from  
> there for years. People even send orders up with her. Now
> the  lines  
> are very long. A show not to be missed. You can also watch
> it on the  
> web.
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