Re: Meal Preparation
From: Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah (
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 09:30:51 -0800 (PST)
Someone just asked for insights about "splitting off" aspects of the meal system from the whole community operation. We do that with the accounting part: Separate books, and separate bank accounts, are kept for the weekly cooked meals. The account holds both the kitty for pantry supplies and the escrow money people have pre-paid for future meals. Dinner fees are paid into it; cooks are reimbursed from it; checks are written from it for pantry supplies.

Ways it's not split: Our Common House Operations team supervises the systems for meals, does most of the pantry shopping, and maintains the accounting. Also, community annual assessments have included a couple of vegetable-garden "shares" so that any Monday-night cook can use our garden produce.

Maraiah Lynn Nadeau, RoseWind Cohousing, Port Townsend WA

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