Re: CohoUS support for affordable cohousing and forming communities - Soon!
From: Brian Bartholomew (
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 13:29:58 -0800 (PST)
> 1)  Community Land Trusts (CLT)

> 2)  Section 8 voucher:

> ways that existing communities have incorporated affordable units,
> documenting those practices and sharing those with other
> communities.  We will also be looking at ways to encourage HUD and
> developers to support/build more cohousing communities through
> policies and incentives.

Grace, aren't these all tax-funded subsidies?  With this
administration setting world records for deficit and debt, and states
already defaulting on promised subsidies, I wouldn't expect additional
tax-funded subsidies to succeed.

As an architect, you are in the best position to know which legal
requirements are about fire and sewer safety, and which are NIMBY
lifestyle mandates.  I urge you to consider red tape reduction
approaches which will lower the true cost of housing.  Lowering
housing costs will help bankrupt people in bankrupt states, today.


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