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From: Karen Kudia (
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 19:25:25 -0800 (PST)

Sure are pricey, given the recession and 33% loss in residential market value. How come so many for sale?

Open house and tours with local advertising great ideas....of course more affordable prices would bring more people interested....I have bought into the co-housing concepts for years, and am considering downsizing within the next year or so...been looking...this site... I think is one of the best to advertise. Affordability: in 200,000's is what I need, nothing big...would even consider a studio/loft adjacent to a love animals...sheep goats, poultry etc. but we all have such a variety of interests and housing needs.


Anthony, Fl

At Tierra Nueva Cohousing (Central CA Coast) there are five homes on the
market for sale. Our Marketing and Orientation Team is brainstorming ideas
for collaborative marketing to benefit both the community and the sellers.
We're considering monthly Open Houses and Tours of the community, local
advertising and national Cohousing.Org classified ads.

I'm wondering if there are other ideas that I can bring to our next team
meeting? What has worked for you in meeting the needs of the community AND
the sellers to attract energetic, community oriented buyers?


Our cohousing home is for sale:
Beautiful ART:

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