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Thanks. for clarification. Oh it is near the beach, that probably explains the cost. I know in Florida prices really have tanked and its a difficult time to move and sell homes. We have great sunny weather, 60 miles to Gulf and Coast...30 minutes to a University town (Gainesville), 1 1/2 hours to Orlando..yet rural, quiet and lovely. I have family and friends in California and use to live in the Bay area, and am seriously considering moving back ...but as you can tell, affordability is an issue.....just don't need nor want such big places etc.

Where are you going to catch trout everyday? Northern California; Russian River area? Sounds great, cabin near a river etc.

Anthony Florida

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Sure are pricey, given the recession and 33% loss in residential market
value. How come so many for sale?

Hi Karen, thanks for your comments. Our homes are priced competitively for
the current California beach market.  To help with affordability, many of
our homeowners have chosen to rent portions of their homes.  It has proven
to be very successful.

To answer your question why 'so many are for sale':  mostly. lifestyle
changes, including an elder couple who moved to residential care, a family
of four who need a larger single story home to care for their disabled
daughter, a single woman who misses her friends in a nearby town.  My
husband and I are retiring to where we can fish for trout every day.

Tierra Nueva is experiencing a turnover, yes, but also a renaissance of
participation and commitment.  It is a perfect time to enter the community
now in this time of flux to re-energize and create new bonds of friendship
and cooperation (very close to the beach!).


Our cohousing home is for sale:

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