CohoUS strategic planning
From: Grace Kim (
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 21:22:21 -0800 (PST)
Just wanted to address Marganne's question below.


"When did the CohoUS board of directors decide to form this task force 

and define an approximate time line for the work to be done? How did 

CohoUS decided that affordable/low cost (use your term here) housing 

was one of its priorities?"


The Affordable Cohousing Task Group was just chartered in January.  As
you may have seen, we have also recently posted a solicitation for
participation in this group as well as a job description.  Applications
are due on Feb 15.  We are trying to be quick and nimble in order to
make progress for the 2009 National Conference in Boulder, CO this June.


The CohoUS board is currently finalizing the strategic plan for the next
3 years.  We have not specifically identified affordable housing as a
priority but rather forming communities - and affordability is key part
of the conversation for many forming groups.  The 2011 Conference being
in DC also brought some urgency to the timeline...not wanting to miss
out on this opportunity with current administration. 


Once the strategic plan has been finalized, I'm sure there will be a
post to this list to let you know where you can find it in its entirety.




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