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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 07:06:31 -0800 (PST)
We (in Sonora Cohousing) don't have any formal car-sharing, although the idea keeps
coming up (and then fades into the sunset)...
My car is used by one neighbor in a semi-formal fashion: He needs it on certain days/times to get his kids to or from school. The arrangement is that if I need it on these occasions, I have to let him know ahead of time, so that he can borrow someone else's car.
Every now and then he puts gas in the tank.
On the surface it might look like he's the only one benefitting, but I benefit in the sense that if he drives my car (a Prius) he pollutes less and uses less gas than if he drives most other cars in the neighborhood. I also feel that owning a car is way more justifiable if it's used by more than one household - it lowers my eco-footprint, and if more people
did that sort of thing, not so many cars will have to be manufactured.
My car gets used by various other people, but in a more sporadic fashion.


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I live at Quayside Village Cohousing in NorthVancouver BC. I shared a car with a neighbour for two years. Both of us worked full time. It worked very
well. It ended because I retired and didn't need a car at all.
We also have access to a car coop in Vancouver called Cooperative Auto Network. It works very well too. Some of the residents here belong and find
it satisfactory.
Camilla Amundsen
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I live at Elderspirit in Abingdon, VA and we are talking about car
sharing. Is it happening in other communities? and what advice can you
offer us?  Thanks

fran levin
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