Paul Ray at the last Boulder Convention
From: Sally Thompson (
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 17:04:23 -0800 (PST)
I think I owe you an explanation of why, clear out of the blue, earlier today I 
sent you a copy of an e-mail I wrote with great passion to Paul Ray, our 
Keynote Speaker in Boulder, who talked about all of us great people into 
Cohousing that could be called "Cultural Creatives", and if we Cohousing people 
who are doing great things got together with others with different causes that 
share our dedication to doing good, we, together, could change Washington & the 
World.  I was inspired by him in Boulder, never forgetting his message as I 
continued to struggle for years and years against political powerfuls at the 
local level who wanted to preserve the property values of mega-mansions by 
zoning our clustered communities right out of Pennsylvania and Delaware--at 
least so far.  

Then I went to a symposium called "Awaken the Dreamer", trying to inspire those 
attending to bring forth "an Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually 
Fulfilling and Socially Just Human Presence on the Planet as the Guiding 
Principle of our Time"!  I got fired up to first, not give up on our Cohousing 
dream in spite of local politicians who have made it feel absolutely impossible 
to fulfill, but second, making me want all the more to change our Government 
and Judicial System at the local level all the way up to the National Level.  
While at this recent symposium, Paul Ray's words kept echoing in my mind, 
encouraging us to work with other Cultural Creatives who are trying to make it 
a better world.  I wanted to tie the two groups together -- Paul Ray who is 
talking about forming a Progressive Party on his Cultural Creatives' website 
and the group "The Pachamama Alliance" whose symposium, "Awakening the Dreamer, 
Changing the Dream" Symposium, agreed so often with what Paul Ray was saying to 
the Cohousing Convention all those years ago.  

At last I saw a "ray of hope" (pun intended) for changing the self-centered, 
materialistic, inflexible Governments we have right here in PA/DE on down to 
Washington, DC.  And so I sent a copy to you, knowing that most of you think 
like me, and would want our Government to be a functioning Government for and 
by the people by reaching a consensus of all viewpoints without the political 
special interests and entrenched politicians (& Judges) taking the entire 
Democracy over.  So PLEASE FORGIVE ME for bringing politics onto our website if 
you found me offensive in any way.  My social conscience made me do it!

I hope I am forgiven & perhaps some of you might want to march on Washington 
from the Capitol to the Supreme Court along with me someday!  Any suggestions 
on what to do with local politicians???!!!  Sally Thompson, Harmony Green 
Village, PA/DE.

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