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I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I don't like to pay for war but haven't been given a choice. I would like to see another option. We can also become more aware of Public Financing for Congressional campaigns. There are two bills - in committee - HR 1826 and S 752. I called my electeds in Montana and was given a run around about them not commenting on bills until they get out of committee. I asked for an answer, because with the Supreme Court decision, without public financing, it makes no sense for me to call my electeds and voice my opinions. I intend to check back with them.

Shari Hirst
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Dear Paul,

With the Supreme Court legislating against the "people" in favor of Corporations & with the members of Congress "earmarking" Bills, costing us far more than an already expensive war-driven budget, & with self-righteous Conservatives even trying to dictate our thinking at Super Bowls, I feel totally downtrodden and sick at heart about what has happened to our Country and its so-called "Democracy". We are a nation of personal greed, attracting greedy people from all over the world to share our "values" in the name of a "Democracy" that does not exist.

Call it the "New Progressive Party", call it anything you want, but please consolidate and reframe the multitude of words you have written on the subject into something shorter that can be put in every Newspaper in America simultaneously, seeking honorable Candidates to run for all levels of political office under the "Progressive Party" Banner. If our existing parties do any more personal smearing of opponents with true or false statements, even the honorable will be unwilling to run unless they are given a third option and FAST! While you are consolidating, maybe you could fundraise for the price of a full-page ad, at least in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, etc. that hopefully will produce funds to print that full-page doctrine down into small town dailies and weeklies.

It makes me furious to be forced to pay for wars I am totally against but not allowed to pay for abortions for which I often see some great necessity through my tax dollars and nobody screams that war is killing too, and why should we pay for that if Conservative "Christians" won't let us help the poor to avoid destroying their hopes for the future by having an abortion when they need one.

I could go on, and on, and on.

Please, Paul, give us a reason to have some hope again that we can straighten out this mess in Washington, with despicable election trends that trickle down through all levels of Government, and noone having the power to stop it.

Thank you.  Please HURRY!

Sally S. Thompson

P.S. I heard you speak at a Cohousing conference in Boulder long ago. Its time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! There is a movement called "Awakening the Dreamer" going around community by community. How I would love to see them hand out a copy of your one-page ad to every participant at their symposiums to give us HOPE that something can actually be done before it is too late!
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