Attracting families to already existing cohousing communities
From: Silas Langley (
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 16:25:15 -0800 (PST)
I'm a member of a cohousing community in Portland, Oregon.  We have few kids 
here (two of them are mine) but would like to attract more families with kids.  
There is currently a great family home for sale in our community.  And another 
one will be on the market soon.  The community would really like more kids and 
the community is in a family friendly area of town.  We've taken some steps to 
make our community more attractive to families, such as building a new play 
structure and holding many kid-friendly events throughout the year.  But we're 
still not getting many bites.

Are there any other communities out there with a similar situation?  Are there 
any communities out there that had few kids but managed to turn that around and 
gain more families with kids?  I would love some advice or recommendations from 
others out there on what steps we as a community might take to encourage more 
families to consider buying a home here.  It really is a great place for kids!  
Perhaps we haven't yet considered something.

Silas Langley
Cascadia Commons Cohousing

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