Re: Gratitude for Fred!
From: PattyMara Gourley (
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 08:01:43 -0800 (PST)
>>How about a round of applause for Fred!  How does coho-l contribute to
your life?  Specific examples are beautiful.>>

I've been either contributing to or lurking on the coho-l since 1998, and
this is how I appreciate its contributions:
It never fails to provide me and my community with the sense that we are not
alone. *both* in our struggles *and *our successes.  Whenever we have faced
thorny issues, in development, design, construction and most importantly in
the interpersonal relationship work of community after move-in, there have
been parallel experiences refelcted in the wider coho-l community.
Sometimes just knowing that we were not alone, has been enough.  Sometimes,
helpful guidance has been offered.  I see coho-l as the "group mind and
soul" of the cohousing movement, as we raft the river of changes.  Through
the rapids and the calms, Fred has been there, steadily paddling.  Tip of
the hat to you, Fred.

Tierra Nueva, Central CA coast

Our cohousing home is for sale:
Beautiful ART:

"Luminous beings are we . . . not this crude matter." --Yoda

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