Try out cohouisng his spring and summer in Oakland, CA!
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 00:41:09 -0800 (PST)

I live in the most urban cohousing community in North America, Swan's Market Cohousing in downtown Oakland, California. This spring and summer I am doing quite a lot of traveling and would very much like to give folks from anywhere in the country the opportunity to stay in my home in this wonderful community and see what it's like to live in cohousing in exchange for taking loving care of my little poodle.

If you stay here, you can also use my car. However, we are walking distance from all kinds of wonderful places here in downtown Oakland, and two blocks from a BART station. The BART will take you to downtown San Francisco in 12 minutes. And there are buses galore to take you anywhere in the East Bay that you might want to go from here.

I live in a loft unit with one full size bed in the loft and one downstairs, so it's comfortable for one or two adults with up to two children. However, my place is not baby-proof, so wouldn't do for a crawler or toddler. We have three common dinners a week here that you can participate in if you choose.

Here are the dates I'll be gone:

*March 20-24*   (I'll probably be gone 5 nights)

*April 2-20 * (gone for 19 nights, but but it'd be important for you to come on April 1 to get oriented)

*June 11-20* *or 14 -20* (gone for 3 days, then back home for one or two nights--but don't need to sleep in my unit--- then to Boulder for the Cohousing Conference through the evening of June 20. This is a total of 10 nights, or if you want to come just the 14th through the 20th--7 days--that would be fine too)

*July 18-24 *(gone 7 or 8 nights)

Please feel free to call or email if you have questions

Joani Blank
510-834-7399  (preferred)
510--387-1315 (mobile)

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