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I couldn't find the list. Can you email it?

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I've sat down and watched the various DVD's I've got about cohousing.
And I've also trawled through youtube and vimeo for other good examples.
I've picked out 6 great films, but I'm keen to here other people's
favourites that I will put in a "Top 10" to go on

Voices of cohousing (2007, 37 minutes)
trailer at

Designing a great neighborhood: behind the scenes at Holiday (2004, 54 mins)
Comprehensive look at process used by Wild Sage Cohousing with lots of
excellent examples.

Cohousing in Madison (2009, 20 mins)
informative voice over of slide show by Lou Host-Jablonski

CoHousing (2009, 2 mins)
Very short explanation of cohousing

Cohousing (2007)
Part 1: Friends and Neighbors (5 mins)
Part 2: Guarding Bess (3 mins)
Part 3: Community by Design (2 mins)

Live in a truly neighborly neighborhood (2010, 8 mins)
Update story of LaQuerencia Cohousing

OLD FILMS, for the archives ....

Elder Cohousing: neighborhoods for people (2007/1995, 18 mins)

Ways we live: exploring community - Making Shelter (1997, 30 mins)

Tribe By Choice (2006, 10mins)

Visions of Utopia: experiments in sustainable community (2004, 94 mins)
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