Re: Use of visual aids in business meetings
From: Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah (
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 09:38:56 -0800 (PST)
At RoseWind we haven't used Power Points, though it sounds like they could possibly be useful. On the other hand, I'll speak to our use of simple visuals and how they work for us.

We use big paper, usually from easel tablets, and have found that we can turn our rectangular wooden tables, one on edge horizontally, atop another in normal position, to create lots of easel space. We tried clamps, but bits of masking tape work best for hanging. One paper displays the agenda and time schedule for each item. When discussing a proposal, a scribe lists what are shared as pros and cons, concerns, strategies, and so forth as the process progresses.

For me the main use is not in being able to read what's on the paper. In writing it down, the scribe or facilitator often asks the speaker "Did I get your point?" This allows more clarity by the speaker, and better understanding by the group, as the speaker confirms or edits the summary of what they said.

I count on the minutes/meeting notes, published later, as my own reference. The big papers are however filed for re-reference if needed.

Markers: Solvent-based, especially whiteboard, markers are out of the question due to environmental sensitivities in the group. The best we've found so far are the chisel-pointed UNscented Mr Sketch. (You have to be sure you don't get the scented ones). They are fairly wet and dark.

Handouts are used, but are often printed on the back of scrap paper.
Our room is sunny, so for daytime meetings we may pull the shades on the side behind the easel papers, to reduce glare.

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