Re: Potrero Hill (San Francisco) Cohousing Approved Site - mini-tour this Saturday AM
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Raines, this sounds like a really interesting project.  On a similar note,
Auburn Ecohousing, in the Sierra Nevada Foothills is looking at an existing
urban three story building in the small town of Auburn to form a green
cohousing community for about 18-20 households. The building is a
green-built shell that we have our sites on and are in the process of
recruiting new members to join us in this unique opportunity. For more info
on this project contact info [at] A public meeting is being
held this Sunday at 12 noon at the Sierra Foothills Unitarian
at 190 Finley Ave in Auburn, CA to talk more about our group and the
prospective building and plans for moving forward. Join us if you're in the
Leslye Janusz,
Auburn Ecohousing
530 889-9433.

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