Kids in Cohousing
From: Thomas Lofft (
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 09:22:04 -0700 (PDT)
Excellent Article.  Many thanks to Craig for forwarding the message and to 
Gretta Stack at Cobb Hill for writing the article.


Which creates an idea.  What was it that Margaret Meade said?  Something about 
a few burning souls...?


Some individual cohousing members have managed unit exchanges, swapping units 
across the country. At least one threw in his wife and family.


How about a cohousing kid exchange, to offer an educational change in lifestyle 
for adventurous cohousing kids: an opportunity to try a home swap with a co-kid 
from some other coho community? Kid A from village A could visit with Kid B and 
Family B at Village B for a week, and then Kid A could return to spend a week 
at Kid B's home in village B for week 2.


What a way to get out of the rut of just visiting the same relatives every 


Just an idea for others to consider.  My kids have already all moved to Norway.


Tom Lofft

Liberty Village, MD


Helen Cordes sent a message using the contact form at
I?m Helen Cordes, editor of New Moon Girls, a national bimonthly
magazine by and for girls. I wanted to bring your attention to the
article on cohousing in our March/April issue, written by 12-year-old
Gretta Stack. She did a wonderful job of telling our 20,000-some
readers and online community members about cohousing life in the Cobb
Hill community in Vermont, which is also portrayed in some outstanding
photos. Please check it out?it?s on p. 12 of the free issue PDF here:
Thanks much! If you have any questions, let me know.
Helen Cordes
New Moon Girls
helenc [at]

Thanks for writing.


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