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Wild Sage will surely prevail!  Songaia may be fast out of the start, but
the team has no depth!  

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This link:

answers the question: "What communities are represented at the 2010

As of yesterday, Songaia Cohousing Community was in the lead, followed by

Highline Cohousing
Nyland Cohousing
Wild Sage Cohousing

these are currently tied (click the above link to see whether your community
is already on the list)

With just 13 households, Songaia Community (in Bothell, WA), will fall from
the lead position as more in larger communities sign up - especially those
in Colorado who can easily attend just for the day, which includes a
fabulous banquet.

The list shows the communities, their locations, and the number of
registrants from each. Many of these communities are actively seeking new
members. They hope you'll come to the conference to learn more about them
(or you can learn more NOW by just clicking the community names to visit
their website).

To add your community to this list - or - to increase its rank position,
just register for the conference. If you register before April 1, you'll
take advantage of the early-bird pricing (a savings of up to $120).

To learn more and register now, click here

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