Re: allocation of reserve expenses
From: Rosemary McNaughton (
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 19:13:58 -0700 (PDT)

Attics are charged at 50% - I don't remember to what height as the roof
slopes down - maybe to 4' height?  I can find out if you need to know - but
there is some point beyond which you don't count a region of floor you can't
stand up in as space.  We also count the finished stairwell to an attic at
the 50% rate.

Basements are at 30%, Porches at 20% and Decks at 10%.  We have had some
discussion about what constitutes "finished space" for attics and basements.
 We tried to define it clearly, but even so there has been uncertainty.  I'd
suggest doing the best job defining that as you can!  We don't charge for
unfinished space - for example my basement has no flooring materials, no
ceiling material, no drywall, no heat, and is not occupied.  We use it for
storage and an exercise machine, but it doesn't count in our square footage.

We don't have any ongoing fees related to more desirable units - there were
premiums at the time of purchase for our two stand-alone units (the other 26
are duplexes) and the ones with walk-out basements.


> Rosemary, it would be helpful to have further details regarding your 
> "standard adjustments for lower rates at which attics, basements, and porches 
> are counted in the total
> square footage."  I assume you mean that the square footage of  basement 
> space is counted as 1/2 (or other proportion) of finished square footage.
> Do other communities use other criteria such as being end-of-row or having 
> more/better limited common elements (aka back yards) or other amenities?
> ?
> David Clements

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