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Hello Jenise,
I live in and am one of the founders of an urban cohousing community that has food gardens on all of the limited surrounding space. Some of this space belongs to the public as part of the required set back. We have a special agreement with the City of NorthVancouver to garden there. We also have many container gardens on individual balconies and in common outdoor space within the building.We trumpet the use of our own home grown vegetables in salads and cooked dishes at common meals.
Is this of interest for your article?
I hope it is for two reasons. One is that we are in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The other is that some of our gardening members are part of other gardening groups in our urban area which I suspect adds positively to the wider gardening community. Just by the way, we have no fences or barriers of any sort to separate our crops from passing pedestrians. We have minimal loss, I believe. Sometimes a person has to be told that this fruit or that veg does belong to the building it fronts but that is an exception so far as I understand.
It might be interesting to do more focussed study on that.
We do have many poor people in our area and are distant neighbours with the poorest part of Vancouver. I should add that we are dealing with rats and mice in our compost and bird poops at our bird feeders. We have experimental Mason Bee houses as well. Then there is the issue of smell when the compost is turned. Oh, it goes on and on!! All this really means is that , unlike the dedicated gardeners, I have time to devote to email.
Camilla Amundsen

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Hi, all. I'm writing an article on cohousing for Urban Farm magazine, and
I'd like to interview other cohousers who work in common gardens within
their cohousing developments, particularly those in an urban setting. If
you're interested in talking to me, please contact me via email or call me
at 617-576-2004.

Jenise Aminoff
Cambridge Cohousing
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