Share a townhome at Pleasant Hill Cohousing, CA?
From: Veena Achar (
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 21:48:24 -0700 (PDT)
**Please reply to Kristina, email is  kristinabridget AT **
Hi, my name is Kristina, and I recently
moved up to the Bay Area for a full-time job in SF as a Career Advisor. 
I've wanted to live in cohousing for a
long time and was excited to connect with Pleasant Hill Cohousing and see there
was a 2-level townhome (4 bedroom, 3 bath) for rent.  But at this point, I
could afford half the rent (approx $1150) and am wondering if there
is someone out there interested in discussing the possibility of sharing the
house?  The move-in date would be August 1st.
It would need to be the right fit for
both of us, of course.  I am someone who appreciates having my own private
space to relax and recharge so would need to work that out.  I have
thoughts about how we might share the space, but I am open to discussing ideas
and working that out together.
A little more about me:   I'm
41-years-old, single, no kids or pets at this point and I don’t smoke.  I
definitely hope to participate in community work in the gardens, common meals,
community events and group processes.  I would like to be a participating
member of the community, though renting.
I have experience/skills with
facilitating youth and adults in movement/interactive theatre workshops and
enjoy craft projects and dance, meditation and yoga, personal growth and
Who I’m looking for:  Single
person, preferably female but possibly male.  Ideally, have good
communication skills and some spiritual and/or creative interests.  Wants
to  live/participate in co-housing and has a life/job/interests outside
the community, as well. 

Thank-you and hope to hear from
you, Kristina   kristinabridget AT
Here is the description of the townhome
for rent:
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