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Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 05:53:46 -0700 (PDT)
Here's what we have on our "Marketing Your Home" webpage:

> Marketing Ideas for Home Sellers and Landlords
> 02/16/10
> The Membership team maintains community listings at the Cohousing Association 
> website and the Intentional Communities website promoting the Heartwood 
> Cohousing community in general, but as a community, we do not pay for 
> advertising individual homes for sale or rent.  That’s up to the home sellers 
> or landlords if they so choose.
> The Membership team does maintain a What’s Available section on this website 
> where we will create an individual listing for your home based on information 
> and photos that you provide.  Please see examples of other listings there and 
> send the Membership team information that will easily fit into that format.
> Besides the marketing work of the Membership team, it is recommended that you 
> take independent initiative to sell or lease your home.  Here are some ideas:
> •Post flyers at natural food stores, coffee shops, etc. advertising your home.
> •Send periodic posts to coho-l.  Coho-l is a national chat list of people 
> specifically interested in cohousing.  It’s free and goes right to our target 
> market.  You may need to subscribe to coho-l before posting, if so, go to the 
> coho-l website.
> •Send periodic posts to the Heartwood community chat and the Phase 2 chat.  
> Lots of folks interested in Heartwood subscribe to those chat lists.  You do 
> need to be a member of those lists to post to them.
> •Place a classified ad at the Cohousing Association website.
> •Place a classified ad at the Intentional Communities website.
> •Place a classified ad in the Communities magazine.  Send an email to the 
> magazine for more information.  There are usually copies of the magazine in 
> the common house.
> •Post a listing on the craigslist website.
> Please keep in mind that selling or renting a home at Heartwood is first and 
> foremost about selling the community and then the home.
> As a general rule, it has been found that real estate agents are not 
> effective in selling community homes because they are not at all familiar 
> with the idea of selling community rather than selling homes and they are not 
> connected to the community network where the likely buyers come from.

Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing
Southwest Colorado

"Two roads diverged in the woods. And I, I took the one less traveled
by.  And that has made all the difference."
          -Robert Frost

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> Following are the words of our Social Capital Chair, Su Neidringhaus: 
> "In the interest of making our community, Harmony Village of Golden, CO, 
> sustainable and continuing to enjoy the benefits of a diverse and invested 
> group of people, we want to create support for the buyers and sellers of our 
> homes. We plan on doing this by understanding our future vision for our 
> community, giving clear, honest, consistent information to interested buyers, 
> providing a current list of interested buyers to the seller, MOST IMPORTANTLY 
> providing a manual of nuts and bolts tips for selling a cohousing home, and 
> providing a variety of financial strategies for purchasing a home." 
> Rather than re-inventing the wheel, do any of you have a manual you have 
> developed & are willing to share with us, helping us with this undertaking? 
> Marilyn Clancy Sauriol 
> 1007 Cottonwood Circle--Harmony Village 
> Golden, CO 80401 

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