Re: Process Committee Open to All?
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Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 12:02:51 -0700 (PDT)
Michael --

I LOVE the vision you paint of chain saws running and others talking, talking, talking ... Thank you for this description. May I use it???

Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
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On May 21, 2010, at 1:06 PM, Michael Barrett wrote:

A bit off thread, but my experience with "process" is one of observing, and being frustrated by, the big difference between the "process" people and the
"get-it-done" people.

Picking at random on a currently dormant topic, the get-it-done folks will come to the meeting with their chainsaws virtually running in their hands ready to level (irreversibly of course) and harvest the community woodland, today, while the process people will talk about the undeniable beauty and benefits of undisturbed nature till the forest has died of old age (or gypsy
moth or whatever).

Since we definitely need the energy and inputs of both "process" and
"get-it-done" people, does anyone have a good strategy to encourage and enable them work comfortably and successfully together, instead of just
p*ss*ng each other off?

Michael Barrett
Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg,VA - where the 15 odd acres of community trees stand watching us with amusement (and every few years with fear?). And no, although I have one, I am not expressing an opinion on silviculture.

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We haven't had a process committee for some time now. In the past anyone
who was interested could be a part of that committee. There is some
interest in re-forming this committee with members selected instead of
being open to anyone.

I would welcome any experience or feedback.

Thanks, Kathleen Nolan
Bellingham Cohousing, Washington State

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