Re: washing machine information
From: R.N. Johnson (
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 15:50:24 -0700 (PDT)
 We now have 2 LG front loaders.  My family donated ours to the common house 
laundry when we moved in because we wanted a water and energy saving machine.  
That machine is now 5 years old-  almost 3 years in service as a 
family-with-kid-in-cloth-diapers machine and a little over 2 years as one of 2 
machines in an 11 house hold cohousing.  I think we had one minor repair 
involving the hoses, not the machine itself. We just replaced our broken Maytag 
with another LG.  
The only problem we have had is that with the higher volume of use, if people 
fully close the machine between uses the plastic seal gets smelly. Now that we 
are leaving it ajar, the mildew smell is gone. I don't know how intense our 
machines are used compared to other cohousings- we have two families that have 
their own washers and 9 who use the common ones.
Randa Johnson
New Brighton Cohousing


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