Welcome Weekend at CoHo Ecovillage, Corvallis, Oregon July 23-25
From: Susan Hyne (susanhynegmail.com)
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 11:00:24 -0700 (PDT)
Welcome Weekend at CoHo Ecovillage, Corvallis, Oregon July 23-25

In 2006 and 2007, our community hosted 16 Welcome Weekends to meet and
greet folks who were interested in becoming our neighbors.  The model
was very successful in helping folks decide if cohousing was right for
them.  The action-packed weekend format also made it easy for
out-of-town visitors to complete some of our membership steps that
involved face-to-face time with the community.

Our 17th Welcome Weekend is set for Friday, July 23rd through Sunday,
July 25th.  Detailed information is available on our website at

Since our October 2007 move-in, our first two resales went to folks
who had completed our membership steps, but were not able to purchase
a unit because we were sold out.

Two other units have been rented and are both opening up this summer,
so the sellers and the community are teaming up to welcome potential
new neighbors to our established, eco-friendly community.

Welcome Weekend is open to prequalified buyers with a serious interest
in purchasing a 3-bedroom, 2-bath unit.

We are emphasizing that buying a unit in an established cohousing
community focuses on two aspects--

        the "co-" part of cohousing (the community of neighbors) and

        and the "-housing" part of cohousing (the home for sale)

To explore the "-housing" part of "cohousing," prospective neighbors
are encouraged to contact the sellers directly regarding unit
features, pricing, and steps for making offers (see our website for
contact information).

To explore the "co-" (community) part of "cohousing," prospective
neighbors are invited to attend Welcome Weekend and visit the
Membership section of our website for information on CoHo's membership
steps.  At the Welcome Weekend, folks can meet community members, join
us for meals, learn about life at CoHo, get questions answered, and
complete some membership steps.

Events for Welcome Weekend visitors include:

Friday (starting at 7pm) - Orientation, social time, music

Saturday morning - Breakfast, bike brigade to Farmer's Market

Saturday afternoon  (1pm) - Site Tour and home tour of available units
(open to the public for folks with a general interest in cohousing)

Saturday evening - Community meal and Talent Show

Sunday morning - Wrap-up session with buddies and Membership Team

Sunday afternoon - Community meeting (ending at 3pm)

Offers may be made and accepted on the available units before, during,
or after Welcome Weekend.  Because real estate deals may fall through,
people are encouraged to step up and attend Welcome Weekend to have an
opportunity to buy a home, meet the community, and become our

We'll even teach you the correct pronunciation of "Willamette" (as in
the Willamette River, just minutes from our community).

To make a reservation for Welcome Weekend (or the public tour that
Saturday afternoon), contact Andy at 541-231-0239 or
cohocontact [at] cohoecovillage.org.

P.S.  Some tidbits about Corvallis (see Wikipedia for more detail)

•       Within 90 minutes of Portland and the Oregon Coast
•       Population 55,000+
•       Recently celebrated its 150th birthday
•       Home to Oregon State University
•       Twice named “Tree City USA”
•       Features 60+ miles of bike paths, trails, and roadside bicycle lanes
•       Buys more power from renewable resources than any other city in the 
•       Has the highest education level in the State
•       Has the highest library usage per capita of any city in the nation
•       Famous for da Vinci Days and the "All-American Everyone-Can-Join
Fabulous Fantastic Fourth of July Parade" (which will include a CoHo
marching ensemble playing Stars and Stripes Forever)

Susan Hyne

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