Balance Between Economic Viability and Vital community
From: Lamaia Hoffmann (
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 23:26:58 -0700 (PDT)

Folsom Ecohousing is facing similar financial constraints as many forming 
groups in this real estate climate- we have to keep unit prices down so they 
are salable.  Obviously, more units divides the common costs between more 
people, so individual unit price is lower, but from reading the archives, that 
can come at a social cost. 

We are currently considering 37 condo style units with 2 probable adjunct 
houses that would be on lots we'd sell off, but whose residents could well want 
to participate in the community to some level (current members have shown 
interest in the lots).  According to the textbook definitions I've read, 37 + 
potentially 2 more is too big.  I've looked through the archives and gleaned 
what I could, but most of the intense discussions seem to have been around 
2000/2001 and there is a lot of cohousing experience in the US since then.  I 
am interested in people's experience with how larger sizes has effected their 
community for better or worse.  Also, if we need to have a fairly high number 
of units, what can we do to help ameliorate the detrimental effects of a larger 

I've read that splitting it into 2 smaller communities could be better, but any 
ideas on how to pay for the entire land and other prep work up front?  It seems 
very difficult.

We are located in Folsom, a suburb of Sacramento, CA and the site is just a 
couple of blocks from Light Rail, a historic downtown and outdoor recreation.  

Thanks for sharing your experiences and perspectives!



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