Going to the conference?
From: Patty Hodgins (phodgidcomm.com)
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 12:12:17 -0700 (PDT)
 [Please forgive the repetition of this message. I promise not to send it 

If the info below might fit for you, and you're going to the conference, you're 
invited to come see my place while you're in the area.

I am planning an approx. 2-month road trip this September-October. I'm looking 
for someone to stay in my unit for vastly reduced rent in exchange for cat and 
plant care. My community, Hearthstone, is in NW Denver's Highlands 
neighborhood, 10 minutes from downtown and within walking distance of a 
supermarket, cool restaurants, and shops of all sorts. We are an 
intergenerational group of approx. 50 adults and 25 kids. Get to know community 
members at regular common meals or by just hanging out -- lots of people are 
home during the day. 

My unit has one large bedroom + bath upstairs. Ground floor consists of TV 
room, small office, bath, and spacious living/dining/kitchen area. Unfinished 
basement has washer/dryer. There's a small but very pleasant back yard with 
deck. Common house includes great exercise equipment and large-screen TV. 

Quinn, Betsy, and Pierre are my three beautiful and charming cats. Quinn gets 
twice-daily insulin injections, which are *really* easy to give. (I tend to be 
squeamish, and I learned the technique in a flash.) I confess, I have lots of 
plants, too, but they are used to a certain amount of neglect.

My travel dates are somewhat negotiable. If this possibility intrigues you, 
please write me at phodg [at] idcomm.com. I'll send photos of the place and/or 
the cats if you like. Or if you're at the conference, come down and meet us in 

Patty Hodgins   
Hearthstone, Denver
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