Today is your last chance for 3 things...
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 09:48:12 -0700 (PDT)
(1) to consider the rest of your life from this particular moment in history...

What will your life be like in 2 years, in 5 years, in 10 years? It
largely depends on the decisions you make about how to spend your time
and who to spend it with. We sometimes forget that these are quite
easy to change if you are open to outcome and willing/able to take
action. Perhaps you will decide to embrace a life in cohousing?
Perhaps you will soon meet the people you'll be living with?

(2) to take advantage of the current opportunities in Cohousing...

Property prices are low (relative to the current value of the dollar)
- so its a great time to capture property for future cohousing
projects. There have also never been so many cohousing homes for
resale at great prices.

To take advantage of these specific situations requires courage, as
doom-and-gloom prevails in the news. If you are able to purchase
Cohousing-related property today, you may well look back and realize
what a good decision it was. If you already live in cohousing, you can
learn from more experienced cohousers than ever before. Our numbers
keep expanding and, as is obvious from Coho-L, MANY of us are eager to
help those along on their coho-journey.

(3) to receive discounted registration for the 2010 Natl Cohousing
Conference (June 16-20th in Boulder, CO)...

Conference registration prices are about to increase by $40-$100. You
can see the countdown clock and register right here:

Our conferences are highly educational, lots of fun, and will help you
with the first two items. To learn more about the conference overall:

We now have almost 250 people registered for the conference,
including almost all of the people you know best from
the coho-books, the coho-websites, and many who post on Coho-L.

For example, do you want to meet the famous Sharon Villines? Come and
take advantage of her two workshop sessions:


Reserve Studies

(note: click on either of these to see a photo of Sharon)

You can see many other familiar names on the program schedule:

Both of Sharon's workshops are on Saturday, so the Saturday-only
option will let you attend both. If you register today, your cost will be
$189. If you wait until tomorrow, it goes up $40 to $229.

If you want the full, no-holds-barred conference experience, you will register
for one of the Cohousing University courses and the full conference.
If you do this today, your cost will be $599. If you wait until
tomorrow, it goes up to $699.

If you do come to Boulder, you'll join with those of us who are most
actively involved in growing and strengthening the Cohousing movement.
Not only will your voice join the choir, but your registration will help
support the Cohousing Association and our work on behalf of those
to come as we create a more sustainable society, one neighborhood
at a time.

In community,

Craig Ragland
Coho/US Exec. Dir.

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