2010 Cohousing University (pre-Coho Conference intensives): Senior Cohousing course content/instructor integrated into other courses
From: Craig Ragland (craigraglandgmail.com)
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 13:07:01 -0700 (PDT)
The Senior Cohousing Coho-U course has been integrated into the other
four workshops:

- Developing Cohousing: Soup to Nuts and a Few Lessons Learned (led by
Jim Leach & Katie McCamant)
- Growing Community: Head, Heart, and Hands (led by Annie Russel and
Eris Weaver)
- Research and Writers Workshop (led by Diane Margolis, Lisa Poley,
and Dave Wann)
- Sustainability: Environmental + Economic + Cultural (led by Bryan
Bowen and Marco Lam)

The Senior Cohousing instructor, Charles Durrett, will be featured in
other courses - see website for details.

Coho-U (Cohousing University) immediately precedes the main conference
(June 18-20). The Coho U intensives are organized and led by the
best-known cohousing professionals in the world. These leaders are
ready to share their expertise with you... but the intensives promise
to be a lot more that a group of in-depth Cohousing workshops.  We
plan to stimulate cross learning and creative thinking between
participants and presenters involved in all of the workshops.  In
appropriate cases presenters from one workshop will do abbreviated
presentations at another workshop and, we will have opening and
closing secessions and common lunches together.

We will be enlisting everyone participating in Coho University to
share current state of the art Cohousing knowledge with each other.
We intend to uncover, after 20 years of Cohousing experience in the
United States, what do we know and what do we want to know that will
enable the Cohousing movement to play a significant role in the
transition to a more sustainable world culture.

At the end of Coho U, participants will leave prepared to advance the
Cohousing movement. They’ll be armed with tasks they can undertake to
make their visions a reality. Working together, joining vision and
task, we can change the world!

Learn more about Coho-U here:


Cohousing University courses cost $299 - which includes lunches,
snacks, misc. materials, and a really great stainless steel water

Hope to see you in Boulder!

Craig Ragland
Executive Director

Grow.Connect. Engage.
June 18-20, 2010
National Cohousing Conference Boulder, CO

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