The world's weirdest definition of cohousing
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 14:05:05 -0700 (PDT)
Somebody on a spam website just posted a what-is-cohousing article
through some kind of odd translation, and I find the result (pasted
below) strangely meaningful and revelatory; does anybody else?

 I'm personally looking forward to our new "full armored kitchen and
dining shack module", where we've expressed our "brawny opinion[s]"
about "surface[s] shapely for sharing" that are "commonly condemned by
consensus" (we are in the process of redesigning the kitchen in our
Common House to better meet our needs)

Warning: do not read if you enjoy logic and expect things to make sense.

Perhaps we should hold an impromptu session on this at the conference
next week? Look for me there at the Cohousing California table, and
conference-goers, keep an eye on your inboxes for some special deals
and showings that we, along with other vendors and community groups
exhibiting there, are putting together to make sure you'll want to
stop by.

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach, Planning for Sustainable Communities
(at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing)

After the conference, planning to visit cohousing neighborhoods in
Madison (WI) and lower Michigan

The world's weirdest definition of cohousing:
The conventional Lepot originated in Denmark, but the dynamical
significance of accord and ethnic interaction has daylong been
constituted and hit proven by most homeowners everywhere. Roughly
defined, Cohousing is a identify of willful community, participated in
by residents direct at the first of the organisation impact and relic
astir in daylong after it every in. Cohousing communities around the
concern exhibit digit essential functions involve: advise brawny
opinion the Community and the cooperation of their inhabitants,
supplemented by the proximity of surfaces and structures shapely for
sharing. As already mentioned, forthcoming residents already its deal
in the thinking impact Cohousing communities. This effectuation most
of the features of the accord emit their needs and preferences, with
lowercase signaling from the developer. Since most grouping wait a
daylong instance spent experience in this identify of community, it
makes significance for their opinions and views be noted and module be
followed if some should wait individualist to hit every his
expectations to the fullest extent be met. Therefore, it is essential
for the forthcoming residents of the communities Cohousing ordinary
exteroception and orientation in traffic to the identify of accord
they poverty to springy in. Cohousing communities are also physically
distributed from every another forms of communities, settled in those
from the accord deal by a beatific significance to boost community.
This effectuation less houses could listing 10-70 are typically
classified unitedly covering apiece another with the ordinary scheme
and within analyse of apiece residential property. Parking is ofttimes
on the periphery, patch large, unstoppered spaces for ordinary ingest
and state of the residents instead. The ordinary scheme or antiquity
containing facilities that everyone crapper ingest in the community.
Normally, this scheme has its possess full armored kitchen and dining
shack module be armored as members of the accord is due to verify
meals unitedly individual nowadays a week, digit another momentous
state in exclusive cohousing communities. Other ordinary areas of the
concern was a movement area, a games room, laundry, library, workshop,
shape room, workroom, modify a shack or digit to be. Cohousing
communities has also referred to areas much as playgrounds and accord
gardens. Participation in this identify of act is also required by the
position of apiece resident, the tasks to manifest the position is
ever done. This could be from the activity to the nutrition to the
manufacture of ordinary policies and rules of the garden area.
However, there are no authorised body in a accord constituted
Cohousing decisions are commonly condemned by consensus. Although it
is as tightly material a accord as doable haw seem, Cohousing
communities are not shapely to wage a churchlike accord or ideology.
Full domain for some residential organisation is enjoyed by azygos
grouping and there is no azygos EU frugalness or a azygos maker of
income for the residents. Apart from existence conception of near
cooperation and community, cohousing residents savor the additional
goodness of security, as apiece member would be for every and some
intruder or newborn grappling is known, sure to be questioned or
guarded. Because of this, Cohousing communities commonly alter
abidance in a flourishing obligation in the actual realty mart and
ofttimes hit a daylong distinction of inactivity grouping at a time.

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