Re: Climate Change, Bill McKibben and the 2010 Conference (was: Boulder Questions)
From: Adam Cohen (
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 09:29:02 -0700 (PDT)
Bill is exactly right.  As Amory Lovins has said, "Global Weirding is here".
 I have taken to advising my clients to adapt to the change and prepare for
more extremes in the short run.  I have advocated an "act now or react
later" approach, and although disheartening, i believe it is up to us to
be blatantly honest with ourselves.  I have also done a lot
of apologizing to kids in their 20's, acknowledging that we had our chance
in the seventies to change if we had followed Jimmy Carter's national energy
strategy and really just screwed up in the eighties by not pushing harder
for reform. I know we are leaving them with a stinking pile of dung,
i just hope the have the wear with all to demand the change we need from the
institutions that wield the power in this country.

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 11:16 AM, Craig Ragland <craigragland [at]>wrote:

> So, it looks like Boulder's temp this coming week will range from the
> mid-50s to the mid-80s. I will leave for the 2010 National Cohousing
> Conference on Monday. It will be really nice to get somewhere that's a
> little warmer than Seattle (where it may get as hot as the 70s, but
> highs may also stay in the 60s.
> Although I've not researched it, Seattle weather has seemed pretty
> different this year. In my travels, I've heard similar statements
> about the local weather being unusual. Perhaps we're all just
> sensitized to differences due to the attention that climate change has
> received.
> My exchanges with Bill McKibben, who's presenting the Cohousing
> Conference keynote on Friday, suggest that climate change is here and
> now - its already upon us. His words have been enlightening...
> although also somewhat disheartening. He believes that we're already
> in deep trouble, and that it might be too late for us to dig out and
> reverse the steadily increasing increasing levels of atmospheric
> carbon.
> I guess I'd always thought of climate change (formerly known as global
> warming) as something that my son or his children would face. Bill has
> documented that the best scientific thinking is that its here-and-now.
> In the past, I've joked about how global warming will just make
> Seattle a more pleasant place to live. That seems a lot less amusing
> after learning about the severe impact which is starting to manifest
> elsewhere in the world.
> The non-profit that Bill helped create, has already achieved
> some impressive.results. mounted the single largest political
> action that the world has ever seen in Oct. 24, 2009.
> Its name comes from 350 parts per million, the maximum safe level of
> atmospheric carbon - for humanity. You can learn more about their work
> here:
> is a major Cohousing Conference sponsor this year. This is the
> first time that a non-Cohousing organization has been one. Bill is a
> long-time fan of Cohousing and has visited many in the North East...
> He was recently at Hearthstone Cohousing in Denver, where we recorded
> a portion of his keynote to limit the risk of our plans to use Skype.
> is mounting another campaign on October 10, 2010 - a global
> work even! Its a PARTY on 10/10/10 (they are pretty clever about their
> use numbers, which have no language barriers). I urge you to check
> this out on their website... (and, of course, to come to the
> conference):
> By the way, at this moment, there are 279 people registered for the
> conference. The maximum number that the banquet facility can hold is
> 300. We plan to accept Conference register at the door on the day of
> the event, but that really depends on how the online registration
> counts over the next few days...
> Craig Ragland
> Executive Director
> Coho/US
> Grow. Connect. Engage.
> June 18-20, 2010
> National Cohousing Conference Boulder, CO
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> > 2.       Temperature.- FORECAST FOR THE WEEK from as of
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