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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 07:47:58 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Craig,
I am replying to your invitation to let you know we have "met on Coho-L." although I am sure you do not know that. I follow the dialogue from Canada. I believe there are others in other countries doing the same. While it is indeed, a national dialogue and I wish you well with its growth, there is an international component out here waving at you.
Thanks for all you are doing to bring cohousing to wider awareness.
Camilla Amundsen
Quayside Village Cohousing

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Cohousing University (at the 2010 Natl Cohousing Confernce in Boulder, CO)
just started. I'll see some of you there. Others are now getting on board
the first of four Cohousing Bus Tours.

Most who are attending the conference will be joining us on Friday, for the
full 3 day conference. A fresh wave of folks will jump in for the Saturday
option, then still more for the Fundraising Banquet.

Its not too late for you to come to Boulder to join us. We still have some
registrations available:


Come be a part of this important gathering of these highly engaged Cohousing activists and professionals who are here to help you realize your Cohousing vision, whether it be a home in a built community, a new community (perhaps
on your land) , or a stronger community life in your existing Cohousing

Be a part of the national dialog as we explore ways to build a better, more
sustainable world, one neighborhood at a time. Grow. Connect. Engage.

On a personal note, its been wonderful to see (and hug) some long-time
friends and colleagues, and I'm excited about the chance to meet new people, Its especially fun to put a face to some of you, It be a magical experience
to meet the real person behind the words that we share across the net.

Please let me know if we've "met" here on Coho-L.

Craig Ragland
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