Re: Another amazing day at the 2010 Natl Coho Conference
From: PattyMara Gourley (
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 18:28:51 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you for your comments and observations.  I took great comfort in
hearing you say that Bill McKibben is making a statement about reducing our
carbon footprint:
*"Doing this remotely is a symbol - to bring home the importance of reducing
our carbon footprint." *

Bioneers has been doing remote telecasts of their gatherings for years.  I
wonder if this is something that Cohousing Conferences in the future might

Keep feeding us your updates on the conference,

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 5:53 PM, Craig Ragland <craigragland [at]>wrote:

> Today, the 2010 National Cohousing Conference opened with a wonderful
> featured presentation by Dave Wann. I've heard him speak before, but
> he really outdid himself this time. I heard incredible feedback from
> so many. When you come to know somebody that's a well known speaker,
> you start to take them for granted. Dave's presentation really did a
> re-set for me. He shared some of his thinking from the book he's now
> finishing up, The New Normal.
> After the opening, there was the first actual conference breakout
> session (90 min) - until now, the sessions were all Cohousing
> University courses. Lunch was followed by two more 90 minute sessions.
> Topics varied quite a bit, from Cohousing 101 (an introduction for
> those new to Cohousing) to marketing to affordability to fundraising
> to solar case studies.
> At this moment, most of the attendees are out having dinner. The
> keynote address by Bill McKibben will start in about 2 hours. Its a
> combination of a video recorded for this event at Hearthwood
> Cohousing, in Denver:
> The video will be followed by an interactive Q&A session which we'll
> be doing with Bill over the phone.
> Doing this remotely is a symbol - to bring home the importance of
> reducing our carbon footprint. Since I was involved in the video edit,
> I had the chance to hear what he'll be sharing within the pre-prepared
> portion. Its quite compelling stuff and exciting to hear how this
> important author/activist relates to cohousing and its role in
> creating a better world. We're talking about getting it more broadly
> distributed. I expect our National conferences will embrace ways to
> share more of the incredible content we assemble more broadly, with
> less travel required.
> Tomorrow is a full-day of breakout sessions and the annual fundraising
> banquet. It is still possible to attend tomorrow. The price for
> Saturday-only is $229 and you can register online:
> or at the door (here at Colorado University in the beautiful city of
> Denver).
> Craig
> P.S. I've really enjoyed "commuting" by bicycle - something I've not
> done since grad school. It really fits into the Boulder scene to
> cruise along Boulder Creek on the way to campus.
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