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Sharon Villines wrote:

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> One community in Utah got permission to build on 4 parcels of land by
> grouping all the houses at the four corners. Which suggests an
> argument based on the number of houses that would be on the land if it
> were separate parcels.


Shadowlake Village, in Blacksburg, VA was able to obtain a PUD rezoning to 
build 33 homes on 5 acres of a 33-acre property that was previously zoned 
R-1  (i.e. for 33 single family homes on 1 acre lots).  Under the PUD zoning 
the community includes a  4-unit "townhouse" and 9 duplexes - and, joyfully, 
was able to save acres and acres of tall trees which provide wonderful cool 
deep shade.

Michael Barrett
Shadowlake Village, in Blacksburg, VA - where the place seems almost 
deserted (and unusually quiet) because most all of the kids and their 
parents are away.

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