Re: Community Focused Living
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 11:05:25 -0700 (PDT)
Georgette -- I'm wanting to pass this along to other cohousers but as of 5 minutes ago the clickable links you provided in your email take me to a video of Oprah not you. When I went to browse and did a search for:

Georgette Loveland CO

zero search results came up.

Can you provide a working link?

Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC
Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
Falls Church VA
703 663 3911

On Jun 28, 2010, at 1:15 PM, Georgette Vigil wrote:

If you have time please watch and vote. I talked to a couple of CohoL
folks and they suggested I put a link out.

I'm reaching out to as many folks as I can to let them know I entered a
talk show contest on the new Oprah OWN network. My topic is Community
Focused Living. I'm promoting my low tech audition. Please watch my
video it's 1 minute 11 sec. And vote for me.

Or go to
<> under the vote and browse
click and type in Georgette Loveland, CO.



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