Zoning for Cohousing
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Check out this link to the overlay zoning that Amherst, MA wrote to allow for 
cohousing like projects.  Look under section 4.5 Open Space Community 


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Hello list - As people who have been in this list for a while know, Pinnacle @ 
Loch Lyme Lodge (a forming cohousing community in Lyme, NH)  owns 120 acres, on 
which we have a 100 year old cabin based business, but are in a town where 
multiple unit housing and clustered housing is essentially disallowed. Having 
done our community building (5 years) we are now presenting a proposed change 
to the zoning ordinance - one that allows cohousing.  (If anyone wants more 
details please write to me off list).  The questions we have for this list are 
two: Has anyone seen cohousing specifically defined as a permissible use?  and 
What reactions would you have to this draft definition...

 CO-HOUSING PROJECT.  A residential development or project on one or more 
contiguous parcels of land,
developed by a group of people who define the community as cohousing and who 
intend to live in the community themselves , designed and built in accordance 
with the co-housing requirements of Article XIII operated as a condominium, 
co-op or similar form which allows for individual ownership of each dwelling 
unit, and including one or more common areas for use by the residents such as a 
shared kitchen, dining area, library, computer room, laundry, greenhouse, 
fitness area, play area or the like

Thanks to anyone who has thoughts on this subject.


Liz Ryan Cole
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