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As we struggled to find land and now that we have it are still working on
getting it rezoned, we found existing categories within the zoning
ordinances of Pennsylvania and Delaware we would fit into.  In New Castle
County, Delaware, they call it "Suburban Transition" where you must have 5
acres or more in order to cluster the dwellings and offer a variety of
housing types.  In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, they call it a "Planned
Residential Development".  You could go to the zoning ordinances of both
areas and use their legal wording for yours as well.

By the Way, we are negotiating the final details of an Agreement of Sale in
Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and will be applying for rezoning as a
"Planned Residential Community" very soon.  Now that we found the land, we
need interested persons who want to be our neighbors on a 12 1/2 acre parcel
within minutes of Wilmington, DE, and Philadelphia, PA, near all kinds of
public transportation, shops, library, post office, etc.  Inquiries are
encouraged RIGHT NOW!  Come join us!

Sally Thompson, HarmonyGreenVillage [at]

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