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Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 15:01:28 -0700 (PDT)
This photo book is a GREAT idea! I can see it could be used for a lot of different events and celebrations. We have photos of all the residents on our tree at Christmas time -- sometimes the folks update their photos and we can see kids especially growing up. And we adults going grey-er (but more beautiful! ... also gaining a few pounds ... hmm! hmm!)

Thanks for this great tip!  A LOVELY idea!

Best --

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Hi Everyone,
The membership committee of CoHo Ecovillage would be interested in
knowing what other established communities do to welcome new people
moving in, as well as how you say good-bye to those who move out.

Debby Vajda
CoHo Ecovillage
Corvallis, Oregon

At Pleasant Hill Coho (Bay Area California) some of our experiences
are similar to Sharon's (and our community is about the same age, 10
years next year). When new residents come we usually have a common
meal for them, and we have a 'tying in' ceremony , using a scarf for
each household where we have the new folks 'tie in' and sometimes we
sing some coho songs and maybe give some 'tips for living here' to the
new residents.

As far as when they leave, that has varied quite a bit, and as she said,
depends on who those leaving are friends with, and how they have left
things with the community. It has been as elaborate as a big party and
'roast' for the family who left, and as simple as 3-4 people taking
someone out for dinner. One thing we do routinely is provide a photo
book of all the residents, have everyone sign that, and give it to the
people/person who is leaving. Some folks return for parties and events
and maintain friendships here even if they no longer live here, and some
we never see or hear from again.

Terri Hupfer
Pleasant Hill Coho
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