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Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 08:30:12 -0700 (PDT)
Haven't we all thought "this would make a great book"?  Here's a link:

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 8:16 AM, Elaine Ostroff <elaine [at]> wrote:

> Hello to the list. Thank you for all that I have been learning from you
> these past 2 years. Now I'd like to share a new book that I've found very
> helpful. Below is the review that I've posted on Amazon. If you know of
> other first person accounts, I'd like to learn about them.
> <This is a book that I didn't want to finish! It is the real story of what
> happens in cohousing through the first person account of a deeply involved
> participant from the earliest planning stages through the building, move in
> and several years of settling in. This is a detailed look at Cambridge
> Cohousing, a Massachusetts urban intergenerational community of 41
> households. As a member of a 'Forming" group in Westport, MA., I found my
> self nodding YES constantly as I moved with the author through the
> engaging,
> exhausting and sometime frustrating and more often thrilling process of
> their complex journey. The book gave me an inside view - it made me feel as
> if I were there. The book gave me hope, that 'we' might do it.and why it
> takes so much time. I understood more about my intuitive desire NOT to live
> in 'senior's only community and what was so positive about families and
> people of all ages living in an interdependent community.
> I have been a student of Cohousing for about 2 years; eager to learn about
> this remarkable process of building community through books, articles,
> visits to established communities and meetings. The View from 410 is the
> first publication that illuminates the intense process of what it really
> takes to create a Cohousing community. This is a book for someone who
> already knows a little about cohousing and wants to understand the
> intricate
> dynamics and daily experiences of creating the shared living concept that
> is
> Cohousing. Other books that I've read were very useful in describing the
> history and the generic processes of creating cohousing, with brief
> examples, of the variations in urban and rural cohousing in the US and
> Denmark. Once you know the basics of cohousing, you'll be ready to dive
> into
> the View from 410.>
> Elaine Ostroff, Westport Cohousing (Forming and reforming group)
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