Consensus training - around NASCO?
From: Maggi (
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 07:55:55 -0700 (PDT)
Our community, Touchstone Cohousing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is in need of a consensus refresher/training for new members. We are also interested in a workshop on using committees more effectively; this could be a smaller group. We have a small budget, as we are in the throes of just starting to get our common house built, but could negotiate price. We also have the advantage of having two other cohousing communities right next door, so could conceivably get others involved.

We thought we might have best luck looking for folks the week before or after NASCO (first weekend of November), since that often brings many communitarians to our neighborhood. If you are an experienced presenter of consensus principals and would be willing to run a workshop for our (three) communities, please send me an email -- offlist, as I am currently nomail and would not receive it. We have a guest room and could put you up for a night or two as needed.


Maggi Idzikowski
Touchstone Cohousing, Ann Arbor MI
est 2001, broke ground 2005, 34 households

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