Let's Talk About Money: Eris Weaver workshop 7/31 Saturday (Berkeley) for East Bay Cohousing
From: Raines Cohen (rc3-coho-Lraines.com)
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 17:21:45 -0700 (PDT)
East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO), the world's largest MeetUp of its kind,
helping people connect to community living options in the greater
Berkeley-Oakland area for more than a decade, is delighted to host
Eris Weaver of Frog Song Cohousing (Cotati, CA), an experienced
facilitator and trainer, for a special half-day workshop in Berkeley
the morning of Saturday, July 31, which we highly recommend for anyone
in the process of co-creating community or looking to join one, or
hashing out budgets in existing communities:

Let's Talk About Money:
Many intentional communities (and cohousing neighborhoods are no
exception) find themselves in conflict over financial and budget
issues…and the current economic situation doesn’t help! Conflicts
about money are really conflicts about values.

In this experiential workshop we will discuss how to have useful
conversations about our financial values - conversations that lead to
greater understanding & connection as well as more effective financial

Details and RSVP via East Bay Cohousing:

We have participated in a facilitation intensive training series with
Eris and some of her cohousing conference workshops over the past
decade and we continue to be blown away by her engaging approach that
makes even "boring" topics like money fun and brings out the essential
issues within the group (and makes us wish we lived in her community,
just to get to participate in the meetings she facilitates).

Please RSVP at the East Bay Cohousing website (and pay in advance or
bring a friend to get a discount) and join us Saturday morning if:

* You want to see how cohousing processes help us talk about "hard
stuff," taboo topics like money.
* You're scared of not having enough to buy a house in community.
* You're talking about community, but nobody wants to be the first to
put their cards on the table.
* You're worried your group will spend too much of your money.
* Your existing group is struggling to avoid special assessments while
accomplishing necessary maintenance and building up reserves.
* You need language and processes to deal with making decisions
together in a group with different income levels and assets.

In many seemingly unrelated areas, money turns out to be at the root
of finding workable solutions, so RSVP today and bring your issues and
Eris will help us map them out together.

This workshop could save you hours of struggle and thousands of
dollars, but we're offering it for just $30 (normally Eris's trainings
go for far more).

We'll charge $30 at the door, but if you pay in advance when you RSVP
it's just $25. But keep reading for an even better deal!
Note: RSVP today, as space is limited and advance registration is
required so we can prepare.

RSVP on the East Bay Cohousing website:

We're offering something new: Bring a friend (or family member or
random stranger) and it's just $20 each!

As usual, we are offering the event at HALF PRICE (just $15) for
EBCOHO Supporting Members ($20/month or $100/year) - Renew or Upgrade
Your Membership today or at the event to save on this and other events
(including Coho/US's bus tour coming August 21), get Cohousing
Coaching, a cohousing book, and other help along the way on your path
to community. We also provide first dibs on many events and potential
cohousing opportunities in the area for our Supporting Members.

The location, longtime community space The Long Haul, is just a
5-minute walk from Ashby BART and the Flea Market, on Shattuck at
Woolsey, with frequent bus service stopping right out front, and
several bike racks; park onstreet. It is wheelchair-accessible, and
the restroom is accessible, but it is an older space with a large
library of old books, in case you're sensitive to that. Optional
no-host lunch afterwards at one of the restaurants across the street.

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