Re: Social participation (was How do we hold each other accountable?)
From: Moz (
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 00:58:24 -0700 (PDT)
Sharon Villines said:
> Look for people who like to arrange parties.

Fortunately my partner is one of those. I actually quite like
organising the physical part of parties, it's all the people *at* the
party that I try to avoid. But yes, point very much taken. People who
are social centres are very, very necessary.

> Also look for people who like to manage the kitchen.

One suggestion we have is having a professional chef do the hard daily
work in terms of setting menus, working out a shopping list and doing
the bulk of the prep and cooking. We supply the cash and the grunt.
It's looking quite affordable (adds maybe $1 a meal per person) and
means that at least while we're getting moved in and set up we are
guaranteed a decent evening meal most days. I think we have perhaps
four members who have ever cooked for 70+ people (and they are the
most keen on the professional idea :). I've flagged it with a couple
of chefs I know and they liked the idea of not having to spend half
their lives cleaning.

> As if you have a choice about any of these when you are selling units,
> but I think it might be a good thing to design your workshare _values_
> upfront. Does it include meals? Does it include governance?  Does it  
> include party planning?

We're keeping it in mind, but there's a tension between members who
want a completely open coho where people self-select based on their
preferences, and members who would like to be able to reject potential
members for some reason. We haven't got to the reasons yet, we're
still discussion whether it's theoretically acceptable to reject

The reason I'm participating in this thread in particular is that
we're arguing about those things right now :) Currently the "no
contribution is worth anything/ all contributions, even zero, are
worth the same" group are winning. I think that's mostly from fear,
presumably of being forced to do more work than they'd prefer. Which
is a whole discussion of itself (and I've read the list archives where
it's covered extensively and intensively).


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