Re: References from Municipalities for Zoning Clearances for Cohousing
From: Marty Maskall (
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 07:25:45 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Sally,


Check out the letters on our website at

We did not proceed with the Orangevale project because of economic issues,
and we are now pursuing a different site (, but the
letters should be helpful to you.  Click on the links for the letters of
support, and there are four letters from Mayors.


Neighborhood resistance seems to be a universal problem.  Good luck!


Marty Maskall


Marty Maskall

Project Manager & Future Resident 

(916) 967-2472


From: "Sally Thompson" <cohousinggroups [at]>




Cohousing is a very new and strange concept to the municipality in SE
Pennsylvania where we hope to gain zoning approval for a Planned Residential
Development.  We think that if we could receive a few letters from the
Municipal bodies that approved a Coho Community previously and found it to
be a real asset to the municipality once built, it might reassure reluctant
politicians here that we are not going to be a hippy commune that will bring
down property values!  If you could provide me with the name and e-mail
address of the Manager, President, etc. of the Municipality that has
welcomed you warmly that might not mind reassuring our municipality that
they have nothing to fear and everything to gain by creating appropriate
zoning modifications to allow us to exist, we would be so grateful!  


And if you know of any nice persons interested in Cohousing very near to
Philadelphia, send them our way too!  We are ready to build our membership
now and soon our community!


Sally Thompson

Harmony Green Village

South of Swarthmore

Just west of Philadelphia



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