Disaster Natual and anthropogenic Re: emergency supplies
From: Wayne Tyson (landrestcox.net)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 21:07:34 -0700 (PDT)

In general, I believe that those who contract before the collapse will be marginally better off than those who wait for the collapse and hope for the best. But that marginal difference may be crucial. Those dependent upon a bloated, wasteful "economy" and its "infrastructure" are in for a very serious, possibly tragic, time of it.

I suspect that the natural instincts of the "cohousing" community tend toward dealing with emergencies as well as the essence of good, frugal living is evidence enough . . .


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Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah said:
We don't have much storage space, just part of someone's shed. So
we're largely reliant on what people have in their homes

But everyone should have at least a couple of days food and water in
their home disaster kits, so your communal disaster kit really is only
for longer periods.

As a community, I prefer to focus on stuff that people often don't
have - forget about duplicating the home first aid kit, make sure you
have splints and anti-venom (or whatever your local risks are). It
would be useful to make sure that you have some way to make your
rainwater tanks drinkable, that you have a gas bottle powered stove
(ie, community BBQ) and so on. Make sure your communal kitchen always
has a week or so of staples in it - buy a new bag of flour before the
old one runs out and so on. You can live on tortillas and canned
tomatoes for a couple of weeks if you have to. I would also look at a
small battery bank if you have local generation, or a small generator
if not (enough to run bare essentials for 2-3 days). All this stuff
really falls under "useful community goods that become part of the
disaster kit when needed, and get maintained accordingly".

We haven't actually got a coho built yet, but this is stuff I do
anyway in a 6-person share house and will scale up once we build a
bigger community.

The Victorian bushfires and Christchurch earthquake have been useful
local reminders.


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