Re: biking in copenhagen
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 07:40:53 -0700 (PDT)
On 26 Sep 2010  Seanain Snow wrote:

>Laura - Thanks a lot for posting this link. It gives me hope as a
>cyclist and fond memories of a long-ago visit to Copenhagen. I live in
>a "biking town" (Davis, CA), but Copenhagen clearly puts us to shame.

A number of the cohousing communities we visited way back in 1999
had bicycle parking rooms or sheds.    For example:
Ideally such things have a separate or easy access from outdoors.  I
think many buildings in Europe (wich is generally way ahead of us in
biking) have bike rooms.

Do any US communities have bike parking rooms?

Seanin also wrote:
>I especially likes the additional video on cargo bikes, as that's what
>many of us need to make biking a real alternative to cars.

Here in Minneapolis more and more stretched frame bikes that have more
room to carry things on the back are showing up.  Recently I realized
that the recumbent bike I've been riding for about a year ( see )
has potential for carrying more because the pedals wont bump into things
suspended from the rack.  I have yet to develop this potential.


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