MBTI personality type
From: Liz Ryan Cole (lizryancolemac.com)
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 09:22:09 -0700 (PDT)
>> I have worked with the MBTI for almost 40 years- both for legal supervisors 
>> and for my law students.  I am curious about the use of the MBTI in 
>> cohousing.  If the folks who  use MBTI the most would contact me off line 
>> I'd appreciate hearing from you.  

>> I would like to learn more about the data cited (it strikes me as a bit 
>> counter-intuitive though I believe people with college and beyond are well 
>> represented in cohousing and MBTI reported type changes as one moves through 
>> higher education.)

Maybe a session at a national conference on the use of MBTI as a community 
building tool?  liz

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>> Lou Lieb wrote:
>>> does cohousing attract "a certain type of person"? Or is the benefit of
>>> community precisely the diversity of personality types?
>>> Lou
>> Earlier this year Kathryn McCamant mentioned some stats on Myers Briggs
>> personality types. It is interesting to see how different cohousing
>> people are to the general US population:
>> Extrovert 75% in US - 48% in Cohousing
>> Introvert 25% in US - 52% in Cohousing
>> Sensor (interested in details) 75% in US - 10% in cohousing
>> Intuitors (big picture people) 25% in US - 90% in cohousing
>> She didn't mention the split on the other two Myers Briggs dichotomies
>> (Thinking/Feeling + Judging/Perceiving).
>> PP

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