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From: Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah (
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 15:10:57 -0700 (PDT)
My experience (20+ years into RoseWind in Port Townsend WA) is that any system of typing will surface the essential concept that there ARE different types. Whether you say it's because Joe's a Three, or an Initiator, a kinetic learner, or an Aries Rising, the lesson is that we have diverse gifts. The best thing for community is to recognize that (a) these differences are real, and (b) they are all potentially gifts to the community.

I resist most forms of categorization and multiple choice questions as imperfect (which I think makes me a One....), so when we gave over some retreat time to Enneagram training I was kind of gritting my teeth. But then I thought the trainer did something brilliant. We'd already decided what type we were. Then we gathered by type. The assignment for the groups was first to identify which OTHER type most tried our patience/ made us nuts sometimes. Each group quickly agreed that a particular other group was that. We did that quickly and with some smugness. THEN the trainer said, "Now describe what value those people bring to the group." Hmmm! That took a bit of reflection.

Then in the whole group we reported out. "We like to plunge right ahead with projects. We appreciate that we don't have to think about details like whether it's ok with our insurance coverage, because the (Threes) will always think of that and check it out. " "We have lots of good ideas, but without the jump-in-and-do-it (Sevens, or whatever) things wouldn't really get done." That was really good consciousness raising, that even while it annoyed us sometimes that others weren't like us, we acknowledged that each brought value to the group.

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