Why I'm supporting Within Reach movie -- and you should, too
From: Raines Cohen (rc3-coho-Lraines.com)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 06:33:20 -0800 (PST)
Most of you should just have received a broadcast through the
Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US) inviting you to
pre-order a DVD of the movie Within Reach, a documentary about
cohousing and other sustainable communities. (if you didn't, you're
not on the Coho/US email list, and so you're missing out on important
updates and info and opportunities -- subscribe for free today at
www.cohousing.org, and make sure that "advertising [at] cohousing.org" is
not getting caught in your spam filter). They've also written to many
community contacts through the directory.

I'd like to add my personal endorsement, and invite all cohousers,
cohousing seekers, EcoVillage educators, and others who believe in the
power of community to join me in investing in my friends Mandy and
Ryan, a couple of the few people in the U.S. who have visited more
intentional communities than I have over the past decade - and they
did it over just the past couple of years, all while traveling over
6000 miles by bicycle while producing a documentary that they need a
little help to finish.

Some of you may have met them at the 2009 National Cohousing
Conference in Seattle, or on the road, whether at the Fresno (CA)
Cohousing grand opening, Los Angeles EcoVillage, Takoma Village in
D.C., or the dozens of other cohousing neighborhoods they visited
along the way. One of their short movies, documenting Tucson's Stone
Curves cohousing, was shown as part of the Green Screen film festival
at Wild Sage Cohousing during last year's national conference in
Boulder, CO. Tom Lofft of Liberty Village (Libertytown, MD) posted
about their campaign here a month ago -- now we're down to the final
week, and if they don't make the goal they get NONE of the 358 pledges
already made.

This movie will be a great tool for the movement to communicate the
reality of community, and for communities to use for outreach and
education. The publicity it gets, plus the people who will see it,
will make it easier to get cohousing neighborhoods approved, and to
find people who get it, to support our communities.

Any developing community will want this for member education,
inspiration, and recruitment, for use at farmer's market booths (it'll
play on a laptop or iPad or portable DVD player or even cellphone),
community events, and as a catalyst for discussion.

Established cohousing neighborhoods will find it makes for a great
movie night or as a tool for a discussion series about how to live
greener in community, based on their previews and work creating custom
films promoting many communities and cohousing professionals.

Cohousing Seekers, Dreamers, and Fellow Travelers can find inspiration
in the film's stories -- people in and aligned with community,
speaking about why they chose to live in community, how they did it.
It's not a substitute for community visits or a bus tour, but it is
the next best thing, providing exposure to a wide range of
communities, while reducing your carbon footprint.

I was there riding with them in Healdsburg (CA) on the first day when
they kicked it off by getting tattoos with the project logo -- I
thought they were crazy, but it turns out they were just crazy enough
to accomplish the journey.

The KickStarter fundraising campaign linked below is only going for
one more week, and they're halfway to their fundraising goal. Any
pledge you make will only charge your card if and when they succeed,
access to the film via download/DVD is a benefit of some very
reasonable donation levels, and here's a kicker: give $100 and you get
some community coaching from them and I'll join in or follow up
wearing my "Cohousing Coach" hat. Heck, pledging even a dollar gets
you in the credits. Organize a house party and show a trailer or just
email around a link and post a donation envelope on your community
bulletin board or pass the hat at a common dinner and a few small
contributions can make a big difference.

Whether or not you can give, please tell a friend or neighbor or
spread the word to your community's members and/or waiting/interest
list; if you've already contributed, an upgrade to the next level can
make a big difference, and if multiple members of your community make
separate contributions, just let them know and they'll treat them as a
single donation for the rewards. Donations are tax-deductible through
Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), which I volunteer on the
board of. Just click the link below to learn more and to make your
holiday gift for the Earth - you won't regret it.

Learn more and show your support here:

I'm a fan and supporter, and not a direct beneficiary of the project
or in the movie. I'm posting a version of this message with links,
photos, and a preview trailer as a blog entry directly at
http://www.cohousing.org/ as well as on the East Bay Cohousing and
Cohousing California websites, because I think this is such an
important opportunity for all of us.

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach and community organizer
at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing

Just back from inspiring connections around my Aging-in-Community
chapter in the book Audacious Aging (featured in the latest
Communities Magazine on Elders) at the Positive Aging conference in
Los Angeles, including visits to L.A. EcoVillage, Tierra Nueva
(Oceano), and Oak Creek Commons (Paso Robles), plus a forming group in
Ojai. Carpooling with our 80-year-old neighbor, who wouldn't have made
the trip to see her daughter otherwise.

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