Some Coho-Moments: Traditions - an annual theme?
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 12:58:07 -0800 (PST)
Songaia Community (near Seattle) has created a New Years Tradition of:

(1) naming the past year (the final step of a well-established process)

(2) selecting a theme for the next year (done more casually)


Last year, we:

(1) named 2009 "Begendings with Care" - which spoke to beginnings and
endings and how much care was given and needed by our community.

(2) never actually selected a single theme for 2010 - according to
Barb's notes, the candidates were:

Look forward and remember when in 2010,
Be a friend in 2010
Community zen in 2010
Begin again in 2010
Accurate again in 2010
Beautiful community again in 2010
Invent again in 2010
Rise again in 2010
Now is zen in 2010
Practice zen in 2010


This year, I am spearheading the selection of a 2011 theme.

To help seed the waters... I

(1) shared an email with words that rhyme with eleven - as above,
we've often included the year within the theme.

(2) offered a prize to the first person to reply to my email with the
2010 theme (since we never selected one, this was a "trick question").


The first response about the theme was from Rachel, who wrote:

"Ummm, don't suppose it has to do with Spinal Tap?"

In case this is just confusing (or you want a cultural literacy refresher):

Toward a new year,

Craig Ragland

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